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Spirometry & Respiratory


Stationary spirometers are suitable for general practitioners, paediatricians and pulmonologists who perform spirometry tests exclusively in their medical practice rooms. Tabletop spirometers are often equipped with an integrated thermal printer via which data can be printed out immediately. Some devices can also be connected to the practice PC and are equipped with a GDT interface so that the measured values can be transferred to the practice software. One such PC spirometer is the New Spirolab Desktop Spirometer, which is supplied directly with the appropriate PC software. 

Filters For Patient Protection

Special bacterial-viral filters are now available for many spirometers to prevent contamination of the spirometry device during lung function testing. The disposable filters are changed after each patient so that no infection transmission can occur. You can purchase ready-made spirometry filters that already include the mouthpiece or those that require an additional disposable mouthpiece to be added.


Complete FlowMir Disposable Turbines with Mouthpiece are available for the MIR spirometers. These ready-calibrated single-use turbines offer a high level of precision as they are not subject to wear and tear and also provide perfect safety for the patient. 

Portable Spirometers

Handheld spirometers for mobile use are particularly popular in occupational medicine. However, they are also ideal for use in large group practices and for pulmonary function tests during home visits. The New Spirobank II, for example, can not only be used as a mobile spirometer, but is also suitable for PC spirometry and can be paired with an iPad. The MIR Spirobank is equipped with a USB interface and has Bluetooth. Other popular portable spirometers are, for example, the Spirobank II Basic. 


Affordable Spirometers & Accessories at IACL

We stock a wide range of spirometry equipment for every requirement. Whether you're searching for an inexpensive entry-level model or a feature-rich professional model - we have the right device to suit every need.

In addition, we naturally also sell the compatible accessories for your spirometry device - from mouthpieces to Disposable Nose Clips and reusable turbines. 


Peak Flow Meters for peak flow measurement can be found in the category of the same name in our online shop.


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