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The Littmann Stethoscope

Littman stethoscopes from 3M Littmann stand out thanks to their high quality and excellent sound transmission. As a result, Littmann stethoscopes are the first choice for many medical professionals looking for a new stethoscope. The product range from Littmann includes the whole spectrum of stethoscopes - from standard and paediatric stethoscopes to cardiology and digital stethoscopes. 

In contrast to other manufacturers, who generally only offer their instruments in black or the basic greens, yellows or reds, Littmann uses a whole range of modern and eye-catching colours such as Caribbean blue or plum. In recent years, the brand has added special editions to its range, such as the Black Edition, where not only is the tube black, but the chestpiece and earpieces are also completely black.

Some of our most popular Littmann stethoscopes, alongside the Littmann Classic III with a dual-head stainless steel chestpiece and the Littmann Cardiology IV, are the Littmann Master Classic II stethoscope, the Master Cardiology stethoscope with a handcrafted chestpiece and the new Littmann Lightweight II S.E., which has a particularly lightweight design and special teardrop-shaped chestpiece.


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