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Replacement Bulbs

Replacement Bulbs 

LED and Halogen Replacement Bulbs for Instrument Heads

This category consists of a large selection of replacement bulbs for instrument heads of otoscopes, dermatoscopes, ophtalmoscopes or diagnostic lamps. Here, you can purchase replacement bulbs from various manufacturers, at affordable prices.

Halogen and LED Replacement Bulbs

In our assortment, you will find a large selection of high-quality LED and halogen replacement bulbs for diagnostic instrument heads. When replacing the bulb, it is important to ensure that the lighting element is meant for use with the specific device. Otherwise, the manufacturer warranty could be voided.


How do LED Bulbs differ from Halogen Bulbs?

Some diagnostic instruments are operated with LED or halogen bulbs. The LED bulb offers sustainable advantages, as they not only provide a longer operating life, but they are also more energy efficient. This modern lighting element is better because of the high efficiency and light current (Lumen), which provide much lower heat strain on the examination device, the examiner and the patients. The light colour also remains constant with reduced wattage. Another sustainability advantage is the easy disposal of LEDs, as they do not use hazardous materials. A change to LED technology is not only worthwhile for economical reasons.

We offer you a wide range of affordable diagnostic instruments that are operated with these replacement bulbs, including otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, dermatoscopes or diagnostic lights.

Heine Replacement Bulbs

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