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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitors for Daily Blood Pressure Measurement

The 24 hour blood pressure monitor is a special blood pressure monitor that serves to monitor the blood pressure development over a certain amount of time up to 24 hours. Ambulatory blood pressure monitors and 24 hour blood pressure monitors are usually designed to measure on the upper arm, record the elevated blood pressure levels (in mmHg) and produce a readout for the doctor after the determined time period is up. During measurement, the patient is instructed to simultaneously carry out an activity protocol, in order to determine if/which activities are connected to elevated blood pressure. A 24 hour blood pressure monitor can not only supply a daily and nightly average value, but it also provides detailed analysis of unusual increases in blood pressure or fluctuations during the monitoring period. After concluding the 24 hour measurement, a patient's exact blood pressure profile can be created from the recordings taken over the course of that day.
24 hour blood pressure monitors are especially useful in cardiology, but also find use in general medicine and internal medicine for clarification of high blood pressure or blood pressure fluctuations. Frequent 24 hour periods of blood pressure measurement outside the practice can safely dismiss the possibility of white coat hypertension as the cause of high blood pressure.

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitors as Light Daily Companions

Contrary to common blood pressure monitors, the 24 hour blood pressure monitor is especially small and light, allowing the patient to continue carrying out his/her daily activities with as little disturbance as possible. The 24 hour blood pressure monitor is most often supplied with a compatible hip bag so that the patient can carry it at all times. Ambulatory blood pressure monitors are available from many different brands and manufacturers, such as boso, Envitec or Riester. Not only do ambulatory blood pressure monitors differ in recorder size, but also in function, the analysis software and even in the availability of compatible accessories.
You can purchase the proper ambulatory or 24 hour blood pressure monitor at great prices from IAC Ltd In addition to sphygmomanometers and other similar devices, our online shop also offers you compatible cuffs, protective covers and protective strips.

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