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The Otoscope Supports Exams of the Auditory Canal & Eardrum

The otoscope is used to examine the outer auditory canal and eardrum (otoscopy). Otoscopes are not only useful in ENT surgeries, but are also often used by general practitioners. Otoscopes are also available with many different illumination sources, which provide various colour temperatures, such as those with LED or halogen lighting. In addition to common otoscopes, there is also the video otoscope with which ear examinations can be recorded and saved. This makes it possible for exact comparisons to be made between multiple exams with the same patient. Furthermore, the patient can view the otoscopy live, which positively influences doctor-patient interaction. The pocket otoscope can comfortably be carried around the office, thanks to it's compact build; fitting nicely into your gown or jacket pocket. This also allows you to carry out ear exams outside of the treatment room.

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