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Surface Hygiene wipes

Disinfecting Wipes - Practical Solution for Quick Disinfection

Read-made disinfecting cleaning wipes offer diverse advantages for cleaning medical products or surfaces. Because no disinfectant solution needs to be applied, the use of surface disinfecting wipes reduces both, time and costs. Furthermore, the use of tissues is easy to document and awards hygienic working methods, thanks to the one-time use. Provision in the airtight dispenser tub creates a long shelf life and prevents the soaked wipes from drying out. You can also purchase affordable, name-brand refill packs and disinfectant dispensers from us, which are produced by Bode, Schülke or B.Braun.


Surface Hygiene Wipes - Internally and Externally Applicable

Disinfecting wipes have diverse areas of application. For example, Cleanisept wipes surface are well suited for large surface application. Because varying materials must be disinfected throughout the field of medicine, the tissues also differ in their material compatibility. With that in mind, the Bacillol Tissues from Bode are meant for non-alcohol-sensitive surfaces, while the Meliseptol wipes sensitive from BBraun are conceived for alcohol-sensitive surfaces, such as ultrasound machines, monitors and exam tables. In areas requiring a high standard of efficacy, i.e. surfaces that come in contact with patients, the most widely effective disinfecting wipes should be used. The Sterillium disinfecting wipes are excellent for mobile use, as they can be used for both, skin and surface disinfection. You can always purchase our qualitative, high-quality disinfecting wipes at low prices.

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