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Antigen Tests that are CE marked and approved for SELF-Test

Advantages of Corona Rapid Tests for Self-Application

Corona tests, which can be carried out by the users themselves, offer many advantages not only in the private sector but also within companies, schools and public institutions. Whereas until recently the test had to be carried out by a specially trained specialist and the test capacity was therefore very limited by the time factor, now anyone can perform the Covid-19 test themselves that has been approved for SELF-TEST, from the smear test to the evaluation. This means that a high number of people can be tested in a short period of time.

The gentle sampling in the anterior nasal region is another important advantage - especially if the test needs to be conducted at regular intervals. Thanks to the painless, much more pleasant smear test method, many people are more willing to perform a self-test.

In contrast to the PCR test, the result of antigen tests is not available the next day, but within a few minutes. This enables a prompt reaction to an infection with the Corona virus and the necessary steps can be initiated.

Sensitivity and Specificity of the Corona Antigen Rapid Test

There are two important indicators for rapid tests that provide information on how reliably the test indicates an actual positive or an actual negative result: sensitivity and specificity.


Sensitivity is a value that indicates the percentage of infected persons for whom the test in fact indicates a positive test result. The higher the sensitivity, the more reliably a COVID-19 rapid test detects persons infected with the coronavirus SAS-CoV-2.


Specificity is a value that indicates the likelihood that a healthy, uninfected person will receive a corresponding negative test result. The higher the specificity, the lower the number of uninfected people who receive a false-positive test result.

Omicron Varient

Both the Abbott Panbio and the Roche Antigen tests can detect the new Omicron Varient

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